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Rockets and Robots [entries|friends|calendar]
dan the fucking man!

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(damn me)

[23 Feb 2017|10:19pm]
hahahahaha! crazy shit

(5 curses | damn me)

damn you Alayna [14 Jul 2005|01:49am]
this will most likely be my final entry in this lj. im switching to the one i made about a year ago. its called _bandaged_iris_ so add that and i'll update it soon.

Post five things you enjoy, even when no one is around you. What lowers your stress/blood pressure/anxiety level? Post it to your journal, and then tag 5 friends and ask them to post it to theirs.

1. Hanging out with friends
2. SoBe
3. Anime
4. ramen
5. Music

Friends who better do this....

Nicki B
Alayna (did it)
and whoever.

fucking do it!!

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Bring Back The Bomb [12 Jul 2005|07:55pm]

Hiroshima, A shadow burned in time
Nagasaki, naked baby melts alive
Burnt flesh and rubble from sea to dead shore
Such a hideous theatre of war
But that was the end--Why?
There are so many more that must die
Is that not part of the plan?
I must use the nukes
I can't kill you all with my hands

Hydrogen bomb, new signs of doom
Thermo-nuclear, neutron bomb too...
You say these devices must never be used
I say you're mistaken, let's get to the fuse

Bring--Bring back the bomb
This is state policy, "by other means"
Your life ends in terror, this is now decreed
This is the twisting of bloody steel beams
The bomb blows air backwards, there's no time to scream
When they tested the A-bomb, they had a real fear
The blast will destroy your sweet atmosphere
But far more important as power increases
Was wasting the planet in well-ordered pieces

Bring--bring back the bomb
Bring--bring--bring--bring back the bomb

Bring back the bomb
It's been far too long
Sumon the brazen war chariot
Bring back the bomb
what makes it so wrong?
Release the beast, you can't bury it


Why should the fire be shared with so few?
Let bombs explode, 'cause that's what they do
Nuke Mecca, New York, the Vatican too
Give me a bomb, I'll drop it on you
Why stop at only two?
You showed the world just what it can do
What a waste not to destroy
Come play at war, man, and bring your best toy

Who gives a fuck about a nuclear war?
Let bombs explode, because that's what they're for
Last minute warning, the sirens they sing
Chaos, the reason, death, what we bring

Humans now look to the sky!
You worship missiles, yet they know no side
I guess it was all a lie
So grab ass with both hands, it's your turn to die

Die--it's your turn to die
Lies--they killed you with lies
Die, human, die

And while we're at it, let's go nuke Tibet
Let's vaporize the oceans with glee
Saving the whales an agenda for some
Nuking them sits well with me
Bring back the bomb
They know not what they do
Bring--bring--bring back the bomb
Bring--bring-bring--bring back the bomb
Bring back the bomb
They know not what they do
Bring--bring--bring back the bomb
Bring--bring--bring--bring back the bomb

Bring back the bomb it's been far too long
Summon the brazen war chariot
Bring back the bomb
What makes it so wrong?
Release the beast, you can't bury it
What makes it so wrong?

(5 curses | damn me)

[10 Jul 2005|01:52am]
start your engines...
didnt go to rich's party, had to babysit. didnt do much of anything on the 4th. 5th was james morse's going away party. we re-enacted the Vietnam war. firecracker packs and bottle rockets being shot everywhere and at everyone. it was fun even tho you had to be constantly running around to avoid being hit. then just hanging out, everyone drinking. 2 drunk girls made out, 1 with me. saw hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy on some day. it was cool. friday was the "photo shoot and casting call for my movie". senior pictures really. then Team Sleep at 8 at the magic stick. Scene Index was really good in my opinion. they'd be perfect to just lie down and relax to. if i had money i would've got their cd. Idiot Pilot wasnt bad, but inbetween songs the singer kept saying shit and just sounded like a total asshole. Team Sleep was fucking amazing. i need to get their cd ASAP. justin's brother joe (his brother jon, jon's g/f, and don came too) bought me a shirt. justin got the green one i was gonna get so i got a red one. its got 2 mermaids back-to-back holding hearts. it looks like a diagram of a vagina. the hearts being ovaries, and the space between the mermaid tails being the vagina. its still cool and so far no one has really made the connection. today, alayna's grad party. it was awesome as hell. it was good to see all those people too. i took justin and he got drunk. it was alright tho. after that to zach's. witnessed the destruction of a pontiac grand am in the garage. joined in on it. its almost untowable now. tomorrow i await to see what happens. monday is seg. 2 and whatev's. night kids.

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[30 Jun 2005|01:27am]
[ mood | tired ]

SOTU...well the day started out with me getting up too early cause my dad called at 815am. i had went to bed after 3am. so after sitting around and calling people to finish arranging things i went and picked up zei, ashley and erika. sam would meet us there. when we got there Red Chord was playing. then Black Dahlia came on. me and sam left halfway through their set so we could go meet Norma Jean. got autographs and talked some. then pictures with Every Time I Die and lead singer of Black Dahlia when they finished. went in the crowd for Norma Jean, GWAR, From Autumn To Ashes, Throwdown, Clutch, and Poison The Well. i was so happy to see them again. about half way through the show i got a big fucking headache so me and sam went to the top of the hill while Chimira, Otep and someone else played. then we sat in the seats for Lamb of God. i kinda feel asleep during their set cause my head hurt so bad. the whole show was fucking awesome tho and i cant wait for next year's.

for friday im probably going to rich's grad. party. In Cold Blood is gonna play there too. so come on over to rich's for beer and a good time. ask someone else for directions cause i have no idea.

(7 curses | damn me)

[28 Jun 2005|12:46am]
its been a while so he's a quickie: baby sitting my bros a lot. hanging wih justin and brandon. not coming home til about 3 every night. saturday night was shim's grad. party. it was awesome as hell. great food and people. justin did a keg stand. shim did a couple and fustin even did one. got home from that at like 230. yesterday i went with jusitn, brittany and dennis to the Strange Days Festival. vanilla fudge, steppenwolf and the yardbirds played with The Doors closing. it was awesome seeing them and the yardbirds. they played "dazed and confused". it was so good. Doors didnt play "people are strange" but they played most of their other good stuff. today i worked and it was hot as fuck. but the van is all cleaned out and ready for tomorrow. about tomorrow...its Sounds of the Underground!! im driving samantha, ashley and erika. afterwards if im not too tired i'll update on that. im supposed to take driver's training seg. 2 on july 11. which is also ashley's birthday so she better not plan anything for that day. i gots a car too. white, convertible '93 cutlass supreme. well im out now. nite kids.

(damn me)

[17 Jun 2005|07:45pm]
1. Write the name of a person of the opposite

2. Which is your favorite color out of red,
black, blue, green, yellow?

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6. Name of a person of the same sex as yours.

7. Your favorite number?

8. Do you like California or Florida more?

9. Do you like the lake or the ocean more?

10. Write down a wish. (A realistic one).
i wish that i get to see someone a lot this summer

done? go down



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good advice to those who are down.

3. If your initial is:
A-K You have a lot of ...love and friendships in your life.
L-R You try to enjoy your life to the maximum and your ...love life is soon to blossom.
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4. If you were born in:
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[17 Jun 2005|07:19pm]
[ mood | excited ]

i just got back from seeing Batman Begins. yeah, its fucking awesome as hell. yesterday i spent the day driving around with justin, veronica and various others. i drove veronica's truck most of the time too, got some drive time in. today was my little brother (the cool, not fat one) dusty's birthday. i got him 2 batman action figures cause the store was sold out of lightsabers. i also picked up the new nine inch nails album. so far its awesome. im only on track 4. dusty also got a element twigs skate deck so i gave him my grind kings, bones reds, and bones wheels. on wednesday samantha came over. then justin did. we hung out at my house and did a little driving. actually had a lot of fun. i wish i had hung out with her more before she moved. im gonna miss her a lot. after we dropped her at home at 9, me and brandon sat at my house til 11 and then went out til 3am. pool hall and whatnot. tomorrow is the gratiot cruise so i'll be there most of the day. later kids.

(1 curse | damn me)

[15 Jun 2005|12:07am]
last fucking day!!

(4 curses | damn me)

[30 May 2005|07:56pm]
[ mood | disappointed ]

this whole weekend blew. friday was good. and so was sunday from 7 to 11. other then that it all pretty much sucked.

oh yeah, my dad spent friday night in jail and everything between him and my mom is fucked. happy way to start the summer.

(damn me)

Powerman 5000 - when worlds collide [26 May 2005|08:35pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

What is it really
That's going on here
You've got your system for total control
Now is there really anybody out there
Now watch us suffer cause we can't go
What is it really that is in your head
What little life that you had just died
I'm gonna be the one that's taking over
Now this is what it's like when worlds collide

Are you ready to go
Cause I'm ready to go
What you gonna do baby, baby
Are you going with me
Cause I'm going with you
It's the end of all time

What is it really that motivates you
The need to fly or this fear to stop
I'll go along when you realize*
When we get there I say 9 of 10 drop
Now who's the light and who is the devil
You can't decide so I'll be your guide
And one by one they will be hand chosen
Now this is what it's like when worlds collide

Are you ready to go
Cause I'm ready to go
What you gonna do baby, baby
Are you going with me
Cause I'm going with you
It's the end of all time

[You are a robot]

[Now this is what it's like when worlds collide
Now this is what it's like
Now this is what it's like when worlds collide
Now this is what it's like]

What is it really when they're falling over
Everything that you thought is denied
I'm gonna be the one that's taking over
Now this is what it's like when worlds collide

Are you ready to go
Cause I'm ready to go
What you gonna do baby, baby
Are you going with me
Cause I'm going with you
It's the end of all time

Are you ready to go
Cause I'm ready to go
What you gonna do baby, baby
Are you going with me
Cause I'm going with you
It's the end of all time

Are you ready
Cause I'm ready
It's the end of all time
Are you going
Yeah I'm going
It's the end of all time

man, i miss the old PM5K, but i still wanna see them when they play june 11th. i probably wont tho cause its what always happens. i need to got my Sounds of the Underground ticket. hardcore shows are always such fun. besides i've been waiting for over year for Poison The Well to come back. plus Norma Jean, From Autumn To Ashes, Lamb of God and more. prom tomorrow with nichole. its gonna be sweet. sunday is the yearly game whirly ball so thats kick ass. as for saturday and monday its up to anyone's guess.
later kids

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[24 May 2005|11:03pm]
"You asshole! what were you doing with my sister in that hot tub?!"
(is handed diamond by guy)
"a diamond? you do love me! i dont even know why i was mad at you now. do you want a blowjob?"

a diamond lasts forever, your relationship might not. a diamond is love, rock hard. luckily most women are shallow and materialistic. passion, it can be purchaced and it can be over-priced.

(6 curses | damn me)

[20 May 2005|10:06am]
[ mood | sore ]

cedar point was fucking sweet. first ride i did was the raptor with Zubair. after we did out work and shit samantha and jackie came with us to the demon drop and max air. max air is awesome as hell. then lunch and me, tony and samantha rode most of the big coasters and power tower. we didnt get to do the dragster or millineum force cause it started to rain and then we didnt have enough time. and we didnt do corkscrew cause they said it hurts and iron dragon cause its boring. the bus rides were alright. i wish nichole had been there tho. on the way back tony sat next to ms. bennett so im sure he had a good time. we screwed with the sleeping people too. i cant wait to go back this summer.

no skool for me today. gonna go for 5th and 6th hour anyways cause i wanna finish my project. tomorrow is big deb's surprise birthday party after work. then sunday is whatever i guess.

(14 curses | damn me)

[18 May 2005|07:26pm]
Cedar Point tomorrow bitches! and no skool friday!

(damn me)

fuck yeah! [17 May 2005|10:43pm]

Star Wars Horoscope for Capricorn

You have a ton of ambition and inexhaustible desire to reach your goals.
You are very loyal, going to great lengths to help someone out.
You are a very social unit, winning the hearts of many with your cute personality.

Star wars character you are most like: R2D2

(1 curse | damn me)

grab the photographs and silverware! you house no jews! [15 May 2005|12:23am]
[ mood | hungry ]

alright, so last night was blood brothers. i went over to nick's after i helped brandon wash his truck. i get there, we leave and the rain commences. we get to the magic stick and didnt feel like waiting in the rain in line so we went to mcdonalds. after about 15 mins there we went back and nichole and alayna were there in front. go in, party down to some rap before and between bands. big business, plot to blow up the eiffel tower and blood brothers all played. i got a sticker cause i didnt bring any money. i had fun and it was good to be with nichole. today cause of the rain yesterday i didnt work. played video games and then me and amanda went to the play at 7. it was hilarious. one of the best i've seen. ken's part was awesome. tomorrow i'll work all day and then maybe be lazy. nite kids.

Your Japanese Name Is...

Yoshiyuki Shimizudani

(2 curses | damn me)

shrink drink [12 May 2005|10:14pm]
[ mood | tired ]

i was sitting here enjoing a nice SoBe, watching star wars episode 2 and i thought i'd do a little update. lately i've been hanging out with nichole and various others with her. last night i went over her house and we had some alone time. dont get any crazy ideas, we just watched Cant Hardly Wait. she drove me home at 10 and she couldnt stop laughing for 10 mins in front of my house. crazy girl. but i finally asked her out. we're also going to prom together. i got my tux a few days ago. black pin stripe. gangster. today i found out i get to go to the Blood Brothers show tomorrow with samantha and nick. alayna and nichole will be there too. saturday will be work just about all day. maybe hang out with whomever on sunday. and now i need another SoBe. nite kids.

(7 curses | damn me)

NIN - The Perfect Drug [07 May 2005|10:50pm]
I got my head but my head is unraveling
cant keep control can't keep track of where it's traveling
I got my heart but my heart's no good
you're the only one that's understood

I come along but I don't know where you're taking me
I shouldn't go but you're wrenching dragging shaking me
turn off the sun pull the stars from the sky
the more I give to you the more I die

and I want you

you are the perfect drug
the perfect drug
the perfect drug
the perfect drug

you make me hard when i'm all soft inside
I see the truth when i'm all stupid-eyed
the arrow goes straight through my heart
without you everything just falls apart

my blood just wants to say hello to you
my fear is warm to get inside of you
my soul is so afraid to realize
how every little bit is left of me

take me with you
without you everything just falls apart
it's not as much fun to pick up the pieces

(2 curses | damn me)

[03 May 2005|10:59pm]
I'm a fag...what...but my name isn't MIKE!!!!
Thats your joke, deal with it.

Which Dane Cook Joke Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

dane cook is the fucking greatest modern comedian.

(damn me)

[27 Apr 2005|09:20pm]
i was bored and just wanted to say something even tho it isnt really anything.

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